Top Tree Service Provider In Mesa Arizona

TDR Tree Services is located in Mesa AZ and brings over a decade of experience in the tree services industry. The goal of TDR Tree Services is to work harder every day to provide superior service to all of our customers. Our tree service company has been providing reliable tree removal services to the residential and commercial properties throughout Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding area for years and our commitment to excellent service has allowed our business to thrive. If your home or business needs annual tree trimming services, tree removal or stump removal, planting, land clearing, irrigation, or rock and sod installation, you can trust the skilled and friendly crew at TDR Tree Services.

The weather around Mesa can be awfully hot in the summers with temperatures easily reaching into the 100s. There are many beautiful trees in abundance in Mesa including the palm tree, Tipu desert tree, and fruit trees which fare well under the sun but, if they are not properly cared for, there is an increased likelihood that they could die and need to be removed. Trees that become overgrown can lead to weakened or even dead branches which struggle under the stress of the harsh heat. Heavy winds can cause these branches to break off which not only may cause damage to the property but could destroy the tree’s ability to survive.

When you hire an experienced tree trimming company like TDR Tree Services, you will be on your way to having trees that flourish and will help make your property look great. Not all tree trimmers are trained to manage the various types of trees growing in Mesa so if you need your tree removed, or you simply want to change the look of your property, contact us to receive dependable tree removal services.

For tree removal in Mesa AZ, give us a call at (480) 372-9980.

When you searching for a tree service company in Mesa AZ, it is wise to research the company and read some of the feedback from clients as well as see if they have a history of consistently quality work. On top of that, a tree service company should maintain all licenses, certifications and insurance required by the state. At TDR Tree Services, we not only keep these certifications up-to-date, we also have excellent insurance so you can feel protected when our crew is working on the trees on your property.

We expect that you will be completely satisfied with our work because customer service and safety is very important to our company and crew. If you are not satisfied or there are an underlying issues, we will come back to make it right. From tree removal services to tree trimming to irrigation, you will not receive a bill until you are 100% satisfied.

Why choose TDR Tree Services?

  • Customer Satisfaction – The job is not complete until you are totally happy with the final result.
  • Safety – Highly-trained and experienced professionals operate the well-maintained equipment we have on-hand. Safety is our number one priority.
  • Honest Estimates – We will not surprise you with additional charges or hidden fees at the end of our work. What we quote you is what you can expect to pay.
  • Expertise – We have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff.
  • Insured and Licensed – We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Arizona.

The Tree Removal Process:

After you contact TDR Tree Services to schedule an appointment, one of our crew-members we will come out to your residence or business in order to survey the tree you wish to have removed. You will have a written estimate of the work before we leave the property so you know what to expect and what the final cost will be. Tree removal and stump removal are two separate jobs involving different equipment. While some folks prefer to leave a stump, we can quote you the cost for its removal. Be wary of the company that quotes a low price for tree removal as they may not inform you that stump removal is not included.

The tree removal process generally will not exceed one day but, upon inspection of the tree and challenges we may face, we should be able to offer a time-frame to complete the job.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our tree removal services, contact us at (480) 372-9980.

Trey Sammons, the owner of TDR Tree Services, brings over 10 years of professional and high-quality experience to the job. As a family owned and operated tree service company in Mesa, our company has built relationships with the community and we are frequently honored by the referrals we get from our customers. Whether you are a new customer in need of reliable tree services or have been using our services for years, you can always expect the very best work, every single time.

For tree removal services in Mesa AZ, call TDR Tree Services at (480) 372-9980.