Stump Removal/Grinding Services In Mesa Arizona

stump removal in Mesa ArizonaFor stump removal in Mesa AZ call TDR Tree Services. After cutting down a tree, it is time to have a reliable company with the right equipment and crew to manage the tree stump remaining in your yard. It is possible you came across our site because you used a tree cutting company that left the stump in your yard without telling you that stump removal is a separate job. Maybe you have had a tree stump in the yard for decorative purposes but it is time to change up the look of your property. When you need stump removal services in Mesa, contact TDR Tree Services.

Tree removal and stump removal are generally considered two different jobs because they involve the use of different specialized equipment. Before choosing a company to cut down your tree, make sure to ask them about stump removal as well. They will either charge extra for the additional service or, if they do not have the equipment, they will refer you to a different company with the necessary tools.

TDR Tree Services is a licensed and insured tree service company in Mesa with the equipment, experience and the knowledgeable crew to remove the stump or grind it down below ground.

When we use a stump grinding machine, we will place the machine over the stump and grind it down piece by piece until it is below the ground level. Once we have it down and smoothed out, we can place dirt or sod down in its place or even plant a new tree. The remainder of the stump and its roots will naturally rot away out of sight.

Why do folks decide to keep a stump instead of removing it?

There are generally two reasons people opt to keep a stump. They either want to a stump for decorative purposes or they do not want to spend the money to remove the stump so they prefer to let it rot away. Unless the property owner uses harsh chemicals, the process of a stump rotting away can take years, sometimes decades.

For those who do not want to incur the cost of fully removing a stump, grinding is a great alternative. If you made the decision to remove a tree because it was dying or was severely damaged, you do not want an ugly tree stump diminishing the curb appeal of your home. At TDR Tree Services, we can provide you with affordable stump grinding so your home can maintain its beauty.

To schedule a time for us to come out and provide you with an estimate or if you have questions regarding our stump grinding service, call us at (480) 372-9980.

Stump Grinding In Mesa AZ

Generally, stump grinding will take a few hours unless the stump is very large; rarely will the job exceed a single day. Another rare but possible scenario is the stump being too large to grind down. While we are confident we can grind most stumps down, we will be able to determine any challenges during your free estimate and let you know if there will be any issues completing the job.

If you choose TDR Tree Services for stump grinding or stump removal in Mesa, Arizona, you will know what your final cost will be once we provide you with the estimate. We are honest about our work and promise that you will not incur any additional fees at the end of the job. We also are very serious about safety and our crew is highly-trained and skilled so you can be confident that they will use the equipment professionally and respect you and your property when on-site.

Trust TDR Tree Services for stump grinding, tree trimming and tree removal services. For questions or to schedule an appointment for an estimate, call us at (480) 372-9980.